Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bath time!

One of the most common problems of pet owners when they have a new puppy in their house is bathing. Well, some people can’t stand the smell of new puppies because it smells like… well, like a puppy smell! If you are thinking of bathing your new puppy and wondering if its ok the answer is yes! You can bathe your young pup and usually giving them a good bath can really perks them up. It also helps to get rid of any dirt, stool or food that has hidden itself in the puppy's coat.

There wide range of puppy shampoos available in the market today. For puppies get the tearless kind because it doesn't sting if it gets in the eyes and will make the bath easier for you and your pup.

HOW? First you need to wet the pup down completely then lather up the shampoo all over. Be sure that you rinse the shampoo off thoroughly! If you don’t rinse it thoroughly those little shampoo left on the coat can irritate your pup’s skin later on. Rinse twice if you feel you still need to rinse their coat. Remember not to get any soap in their eyes because like us, they can be irritated by that.

It also helps to put a little cotton plugs in the ear canals of your pup. This will keep water and shampoo out of their ear canals. Using warm water will make your pup love their bath. Using water that is too cold or too hot will make your pup hate bath time! Wrap your puppy with big towel and gently rub the puppy dry. If you are going to use a blow dryer try not to scare the pup.

HOW OFTEN? You give your dog a bathe whenever it really needs to be cleaned up. A bath every three weeks is about right and some breeds like those with short coats may rarely need a bath.

WHAT KIND? It’s advisable to use mild dog shampoos especially for puppy. Your vet can tell you if your dog needs a special formula for dry skin, allergic dermatitis or very sensitive skin.

With this information I hope that you will have a happy bath experience with your pets.