Wednesday, October 10, 2007

why you should adopt a dog from a dog shelter or dog rescue

Here are reasons why you should adopt a dog from a dog shelter or dog rescue.

1. When you adopt a dog you will be able to save a life. There are a lot of loving and wonderful companion dogs that are being euthanized every year at dog shelters and dog pounds because there is not enough room or resources to care for them. So when you adopt a dog you also decrease the number of pets and dogs that are euthanized each year.

The demand to buy puppies at pet stores is due to the insatiable desire to buy pure bred puppies because people tend to think that they are getting good dogs when they buy it in pet stores. It doesn’t mean that dogs at a dog shelter or those dogs that are only pure bred are worth having.

2. There are pet stores that buy their puppies from puppy mills or breeders that operates one. Dogs from puppy mills are often the product of in breeding. Those dogs usually have genetic health problems that will surely hurt your heart and wallet with veterinary bills.

Just think of the condition of those pups that are kept in the horrible puppy mills. After they breed non stop they are disposed like trash once they can no longer produce litters. Click here for more info about puppy mills.

3. You give a fraction of the price when you adopt a dog or puppy at a dog pound or rescue compare to what pet stores charge for “pure bred” dogs.

4. The money you pay when you adopt from dog pound or rescue will be used to save more dog lives.

5. You usually find the most loving dogs at dog shelters.

6. Many dogs are in dog pound and rescue because of several reasons but whatever it is, isn’t it great to save a dog that is sitting caged on doggy death row. Why death row? Because many dog shelters only keep dogs a few days before killing them and some can’t afford for those pets to stay longer in their pound.

7. Another reason why you should adopt is that if you don’t have the time for the demands of life with a new puppy because puppies need a good deal of nurturing, training. You will also find fully grown dogs in dog pounds and rescues that are already ready for a new home, just needing your love and regular doggy care.

8. If you have a senior citizen in your family. A dog is suited to enjoy your family member’s golden years. Senior dogs are calmer and usually with less energy than a young dog which are perfect companion for mom, dad or any senior.

9. You will find wide variety of dogs that are ready to be adopted at dog shelters and dog rescues. You will surely find in dog shelter or dog rescue whatever you are looking for in a new dog.

10. Lastly, when you adopt not only that you will save a dog’s life, save money, help in the battle to put puppy mills out of business but also help save those dogs that are just being used to breed and make money.