Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plan ahead to ease problems while traveling with pets

As Gustav threatened many families, many people found themselves starting to turn their vehicles into a smaller version of Noah's Ark. I am sure that many pet owners are wondering how the heck Noah got all those animals to calmly board the ship when the time came to evacuate and how could he stand all those noise and smell of those animals as well as the misery of taking care of those animals. Im sure one of you pet owners out there have experienced pets reacting badly to long rides or travels especially if your pets are not used to travel often but this kind of problem can be avoided and traveling with your pets can be made easier for everyone.

dog traveling
If you want to travel with your pets you should always keep in mind to use a carrier. Terrified pets will try to shelter under your brake pedal if they can and this can lead to accidents and other situations you dont want your self to get involved. You should also discuss pet sedatives with your vet well in advance specially if your pets can get easily stressed to the point of becoming ill or incontinent in the car.

You can also line your pet's carriers with changing pads or newspapers to make it easy to clean when you reach rest stops. Also a hamster-style water bottles will make giving water to your pets reduces the mess. Food and water should also be limited to prevent any poop accidents. It also makes your pets feel safe when you cover the outside of the pet carrier with a sheet and giving them a toy while traveling can give them additional distraction. The soothing pheromone sprays, is one effective advice I can give if you have unhappy cat traveling with you. This is available at any pet shops and some are a little bit pricey but many owners report excellent results when using it specially traveling with their pets.

Remember to always plan ahead when you are traveling because this can help you and your pets to ease any problem that might come along the way.