Thursday, October 09, 2008

10 Animals Facing Extinction by TIME

The TIME cited 10 animals that are currently facing extinction If we dont do something to stop their diminishing numbers.

Greater Bamboo Lemur
Found only in a small area of southeastern Madagascar, the greater bamboo lemur eats not only bamboo shoots — despite the cyanide found in the plant. The most endangered lemur in Madagascar, less than 200 are believed to still exist.

Celebes Crested Macaque
This black macaque is found only in northwestern parts of Indonesia, mostly on the island of Sulawesi — also known as Celebes. It is often hunted as a pest — it can devastate farms — and for bushmeat.

Lowland Gorilla
Found in central Africa, the lowland gorilla has been all but wiped out in recent years, thanks to widespread hunting — the meat is an expensive delicacy — and disease, including from the Ebola virus. Rapid deforestation is also destroying their habitat.

Madagascar Fish Eagle
Madagascar is known as the hottest hotspot, both because of its rich biodiversity, and because deforestation and other threats are destroying wildlife on the island. The Fish Eagle, found in highly limited numbers along the west coast, is no exception.

Vancouver Island Marmot
The rodent is one of the most endangered mammals in North America, with less than 40 individuals found in an area less than 10 sq. km. Logging is most likely the cause of its diminishing numbers.

Black Rhino
The population of the black rhino declined by 90% over the last six decades, thanks chiefly to poaching. But since the mid 1990s — when fewer than 3,000 of the African rhino existed — the population has increased steadily, and now there are over 4,000

Iberian Lynx
Believed to be the most endangered mammal in Europe, the Iberian lynx, found mostly in Spain, has fewer than 150 individuals in the wild. It's dying out because its main source of food — a rabbit — is also declining rapidly.

Mindoro Dwarf Water Buffalo
Found on the Philippine island of Mindoro, the dwarf water buffalo was once widespread, but now is found in less than 300 sq. km. The chief threat is expanding farmland, which is cutting into the water buffalo's habitat.

Baiji Dolphin
Also known as the Yangtze dolphin, and found in the river in China, the Baiji is the most endangered cetacean in the world. It may already be extinct.

Siberian Crane
The gorgeous bird breeds in arctic Russia and western Siberia, but thanks to severe wetland loss, it is declining rapidly.

source: TIME

So... what was the last thing that you did to help Mother Nature?