Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keeping a Rabbit As a Pet

Maybe you have just received it as a gift or you have wanted to have a rabbit as a pet. Whatever the case may be, rabbits do really make good pets. There are a few things that you need to be aware of before you claim to be a good rabbit keeper. Having a rabbit as a pet will make you to first have a cage. You can either buy one or build one at home. It is advisable that you observe the important one rabbit one cage rule. The reason for this rule is the fact that rabbits of the same sex tend to fight. The other reason for this rule is that rabbits of the opposite sex breed and this might give you more than you can handle.

There are food pellets that have been prepared by nutritionists and they contain virtually all the nutrients necessary for the development of a rabbit. Make sure you have a dish to feed your rabbits. The amount of the food that your rabbit is likely to eat will depend with its size. While having a rabbit as a pet, ensure that you handle them safely as failure to this can cause injury or even death. Make sure that you do not change the diet too rapidly a rabbit as a pet as this can cause severe diarrhea. The other thing you need to when you have a rabbit, as a pet is to ensure that you keep the toenails short for health reasons.

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