Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why Do You Need To Give ID Chips To Your Pets

Most pet owners worried about their pets safety and this is usually one of the main reason why most of them decided to implant a small microchip to ensure that their dogs or cats can be returned home if ever they get lost.

Last Saturday The Thunder Bay and District Humane Society held its annual Chip-a-thon and there were more than 30 people who came to the event. The Humane Society successfully implanted a small pinpoint-sized microchip into the backs of dogs and cats that the pet owner brought with them.

What the chip contains are personal information about the pet’s owner. By passing over the animals’ back using a specific scanner it will read the 10-digit ID code that will be used to help identify the owners of the pet.

The human society graciously reduced the price of their services of up to 50%. The chip normally cost $50 to $60 were now sold for $35. The proceeds of the event will be going to the humane society.

Most of the people who went there understands the importance of getting an Pet ID chip to identify their pets. Another reason why they choose the event because it’s way much cheaper compare to other veterinary clinics.