Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dogged Determination

"Dogs are man's best friend," Porter said to the Herald Sun. "We felt we owed it to her. The easiest thing to say was the dog would die or we could say let's give her a good hard go. And we did. We rallied together and we said 'We can do this."Where there's hope, there is life." Jessie, their a 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier was trapped for seven days under nearly 50 tons of rock and was successfully freed. Steve Porter, Jessie's owner, never gave up and spent more than $2,000 just to rescue Jessie.

Jessie chased a feral cat and became trapped beneath two boulders. Jessie and Porter were rabbit hunting when the accident happen. Porter, his son and two neighbors tried to free Jessie from getting stuck in the hole. When their efforts was unsuccessful they asked State Emergency Service to lend a hand.

After a week's efforts of trying to help Jessie they decided to hire a rock-breaking truck from Melbourne which finally freed Jessie from captivity. She immediately run into Porters arms and gave him "a big lick." According to the vet Jessie is in good health despite being stuck in the hole for days.

video from Herald Sun