Tuesday, April 03, 2012

iPad game: You vs Cat, pits YOU against your cat

Make room in your iPad because there’s a new kitty game in town that you and your feline friend will surely enjoy. Here’s a game that you can play together with your cat. Soon, Friskies (popular cat food maker) will release a free iPad game called You vs. Cat. The game will pit you against your favorite feline friend.

The current reigning king of gamercats, Buddy, demonstrated at the SXSW festival how to play the game and destroyed every player who played against him. You vs. Cat's gameplay is really simple — all you have to do is flick a virtual cat food toward your opponent kitty, and hopefully it will head straight into the goal before the paw of your new nemesis cat stops it in its tracks.

So do not be surprised when one day theres a surge of pet videos and eventually our feline nemesis decided that they can dominate us...