Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why adoption should be your option!

TRUCKEE/TAHOE, Calif. — Adopting a homeless pet is more than good for your karma, it's actually good for your health, as well. The obvious benefits are the companionship and unconditional love you'll receive from your new pet, but there are other, physiological benefits as well. Scientific research has shown a number of benefits to owning a companion animal. Dog owners exercise more, and also have more social interactions while on their walks. As any dog owner/lover can attest, nothing sparks a conversation faster than walking a cute dog, especially when it's a “custom” (aka mixed) breed. All pet owners can benefit from lower blood pressure and increased quality of life thanks to the new furball in the home. Recent studies have even shown owning a dog helps prevent asthma in children! Now what's not to love about that?

While all of the above is true of any pet, this is where the karma part comes in. When you adopt a homeless pet, versus buying one from a breeder or pet store, you have just taken home a source of undying love and gratefulness. For both of you! The number of beautiful animals, including up to 25 percent purebreds, killed in shelters is staggering. Here in Truckee, thanks to the incredible partnership between Truckee Animal Services and the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe (HSTT), no animals are euthanized for space. Despite a ridiculously small temporary facility, this partnership finds homes for more than 300 animals every year!

If you've hesitated to adopt an animal from a shelter, thinking they're “discards,” please consider the following: The majority of animals relinquished are due to either allergies or moving. Neither of these reasons have anything to do with the animal itself. Of course there are always animals with what we call “issues,” but the vast majority are beautiful, loving family pets that through no fault of their own are in a shelter. HSTT's goal is to provide a matchmaking service, if you will. We do our best to know the animal as well as we can, so we can ensure the pet you are adopting will be the best fit for your personal situation. Through our volunteer and foster programs, we also do our best to instill basic manners (if necessary) and ongoing socialization to all of our animals awaiting forever homes.

If adoption isn't an option for you, there are other ways you can help! Volunteering and fostering provides much needed care for our homeless pets. We are in the process of building the town of Truckee's first ever Animal Shelter, so donations are in great demand. We have a number of ways for you to help the homeless pets in our community. You can simply go to our website,, or call 530-587-5948 for more information!