Friday, September 14, 2007

Dog collars

If you are thinking of training your pets at your very own home you should consider the available training methods that can work and which is suitable for your dogs. What behavior do you want to correct? This is one question that you should also keep in your mind. If you just want to correct the non stop barking of your dog then bark collars will probably work best for your pet.

There are other kinds of dog collars on the market from bark collars, shock collars and more. Choosing the right dog collar for your dog will greatly affect the outcome of the training. There are dog collars that emit stimulation every time a dog barks like bark collars and bark diminishes. There are also dog collars that are programmable to let your dog bark for some time before it gives a small shock. This kind of dog collar will teach your dog that it’s okay to warn you when there are intruders but not to bark at anything all night.

Training collars, on the other hand, are controlled by the dog handler and usually varies in range from 200 yards to a mile. There are even training collars on the market that allows you to vary the intensity of the shock without having to manually adjust the collar by hand which makes dog training easier than before. Always remember to check and compare different product to know which one will work with your pet. Price of dog collars on the market varies from one distributor to another.