Friday, September 14, 2007

Pet nutrition

One of the most important things to know about taking care of your pets is their nutrition. Our pets can’t make decisions for themselves about what they will eat. Most of us usually just grab on what’s available on the market. But these products usually contain ingredients that are not good to our pet’s health. There are pet food products that when you look closely on the them you will see that it only contain scraps that full of artificial colorings, flavor enhancers to entice your pet to eat. Some pet food products have ingredients like meat and bone meal that are very questionable in terms of nutritional value. Worst, preservatives on pet foods that make the shelf life long are usually not good for your pets. If you think that you are giving your pets a good food better think again. This is true state of what we usually give our pets. So the next time you see a dog food that says "complete and balanced" on the label better look at the ingredients and see what kind of stuff they included in there.

There has been misconceptions and misleading information with companies that advertises their products. They just usually say what you want to hear. As a matter of fact there have been several pet food products that have been pulled out of market because of the contents of their products. Over the years pet owners and pet lovers have realized that they should be attentive on what they are giving to their pets. This has also led to the availability of some excellent commercial pet nutrition products. High quality meat-based foods for dogs and cats really are healthier for your pets compared to feeding grain based pet foods.

Some people notice the dramatic change in their pet’s health when they changed the pet food that they are feeding their pets. Optimal nutritional intake for dogs and cats is needed if you want your pets to maintain a healthy life. We as pet owners should be responsible enough for our pets and see to it that they are getting the right pet food. If you are not sure if you are giving your pets a healthy and safe food you can always check the website especially government sites that regulates these kinds of products.