Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Things you need to consider before adopting a new dog.

Dogs are created unique from one another. The variations in nature and traits among dog types can be compared to dissimilarities in people. Finding the right match between the dog type with the holder or family is the key to success in getting a dog into your home.

Dogs come in numerous varieties that are naturally introduced to the dog world and those produced purposely by breeding two different dogs, for example Labradoodle (cross of Labrador Retriever and a Poodle).

You should ask your family what dog type you can have. A house with a large yard is sufficient room for a huge dog to run and play.

Are you looking for a dog type that is strong, yet cuddly and good with kids? Are you hoping of getting a guard dog for your business? Do you want to own a show dog to enter competitions?

Maybe you just want to have a loyal companion, small enough to have in your home and calm enough to sit with his head on your lap in the evening? These are some concerns to think about as you look for the right type of dog.

Are you living alone in your home? If you are the type of person who works long hours then choose a dog breed that can handle with many alone time at home – maybe dogs that enjoy toys and entertains himself.

If you live with little children a medium to large-size dog is more appropriate because this breed of pet dog is calm by nature and also patient with children. Children often think that their dog is like a toy – your children don't understand that pets are living; breathing being that can get hurt by their actions.

There are some breeds that are not patient with the bad behavior of small children, but would be great with grown-up kids. A perfect choice of dog for older people is a breed that doesn’t need that much maintenance.

Dogs can also be divided into two important types - those that shed a lot and those that do not shed. Dog shedding is a huge trouble of people who have dogs. Dog fur clings to furniture, clothing as well as your guests who sit anywhere in the house. Although short haired dogs may seem easier to groom but they too can shed. Shedding can be grouped into barely sheds, seasonal only shedding and constant shedding.

Another significant factor to consider is the size of the dog. Smaller dogs weigh less than 10 pounds, medium dogs weigh 11-25 pounds, large dogs weigh 26-50 pounds and extra large dogs weight 51-80 pounds. There are also extremely large breeds that can reach up to 100-180 pounds. Now you see why size is also a big factor in picking a dog that is suited for you.

Do you think your furniture can take that much weight of dog? In picking a dog always remember to base your decision on the size the dog will grow to as an adult dog and not on the appearance of the puppy.

Big dogs are also big eaters. If you bring home a Mastiff, you may need a second job just to pay for the health care.

Care requirement is another important consideration. There are dog breed that need more grooming than others. Dogs like poodles or show dogs may spend a little more time in grooming centers than you do. An ordinary breed may need weekly grooming to keep their coats tangle free. Take time to research about the dog breed that you want. Check the dog breed’s temperament, size, and grooming requirements before you make a choice. Researching those important information will surely save you a lot of time and avoid any problem in taking care of the dog. It is only fair to the dog you picked that you be ready for the dog’s basic needs, aside from providing them love and attention that only you can give.