Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flea treatment for your pets

Fleas are one of the biggest problems of any dog owner. They primarily survive off of the blood of your pets and it is often difficult to spot them on your pet due to your pet’s fur. Fleas can also cause your pets to become anemic due to losing so much blood and they can transmit some pretty tough diseases into your pet. For dogs that are sensitive to flea bites, they may end up having a mild skin irritation or in severe cases they may develop a severe allergic reaction resulting in baldness, intense itch and inflammation throughout their body. If you are a dog owner and you have a problem with fleas. I bet you are confused as to what flea treatment for dogs to choose from the wide varieties of flea control products available in the market today, from flea comb, flea sprays, natural products, and topical spot-on solutions and even oral growth regulator or "birth control" pills for the fleas and more.

Your pet can pick up fleas whilst outdoors. Even if you don’t want it, your pets will be more than likely going to play host to fleas at some point in their lives. There is very little you can do to prevent this from happening as fleas can be found lurking anywhere just waiting for a suitable host to pass by but there are some things you can do to help prevent fleas from infesting in your home.

You will do well to comb your pet each day with a special flea comb, particularly after they have been outside and especially in hot weather in order to help dislodge fleas and eggs from your pet's coat. If you just put a bit of oil onto the comb spines. You will find it more effective as the little parasites get stuck to the comb. Don’t forget to keep a bowl of hot water close by when you do this so that you can place any fleas directly into the water. During this combing you should remember to check in some hot spots. These include areas behind their ears, spots in between their toes, the fur in their armpits, and the spots under their neck. Placing a white cloth or towel underneath your dog can help you see fleas a lot better during combing. Fleas are notoriously hard to catch so don't expect to eradicate all your pets fleas in one combing.

You can use pure alcohol to stun the fleas you brush out so that you can effortlessly dump them into a cup of water to die. Empty the mug down the toilet to make sure that any fleas do not make it out. Giving bath to your pet regularly should kill the fleas unless you are dealing with a major flea’s infestation. There are also special shampoos available in the market that is made to killing fleas but these kinds of products are usually too toxic to use every day. Some of the products available commercially are rosewood, cedar, or eucalyptus but you can't always rely on these to take care of minor flea problems. A good alternative in dealing with minor flea problem is cutting up lemons and squeezing the juice into a quart of water is, after it settles in a few hours you can put it into a clean spray bottle. A little spray across the body, while taking care to avoid getting any into their eyes, is usually enough in dealing with minor flea problem with your dog.

It’s always good to consult a veterinarian when the flea problem has reached a flea infestation level on your pet. A professional veterinarian can analyze your pet’s situation properly and can prescribe proper medication for your pet’s condition. There are many medications available that are all perfectly safe for your pet and the environment like a diatomaceous earth or a Boron substance that you can use in your home which is a cheap and effective flea killer. Another strong medication such as Advantage and Frontline can wipe out all of the adult fleas on your pet in hours while preventing outbreaks for up to 3 months. It just takes a few drops of these substances onto your pet's shoulder and the special chemical will spread and cure on its own. Advantage and Frontline has little toxicity to your pet. Any flea killer that uses a substance called Pyrethrum is effective for quick relief too.

Keep in mind that you should be incredibly careful with how you use the insecticides. These are dangerous chemicals if used improperly and can harm your pets. Do not forget to ask your vet before you do anything it doesn't mention. Every flea control products on the market are not the same. Each have their own varying levels of effectiveness and kill different flea stages i.e. the eggs, larvae, and adults. One may be effective against the adult fleas but is simply harmless to the eggs or larvae. Depending on your pet’s condition you may need a combination of these products to effectively get rid of the fleas. Try to research on other alternative for flea control, There are many flea control techniques you might not have been aware of before. Your choice of a flea treatment medicine or method for your dog is very important. Your flea treatment medicine or method determines the success or failure in your battle against these pesky fleas.